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What Is The Knight Group?

We are a group of professionals led by Preston O'Connor.  We specialize in helping businesses grow.  We begin by listening and analyzing the situation, then with the help of your team, we devise and implement the necessary changes.

How would I know if my business needed The Knight Group?

Just as a healthy person receives routine checkups from a professional, most any business would benefit from semi-annual checkups to ensure maximum efficiency.  Also, any business owner or company executive who feels their company is capable of more can benefit from our services.

What is the first step in the process with The Knight Group?

Our first step is simple - a complimentary half-hour discussion in which we listen to your needs and desires.  You contribute your attention, and we provide a unique perspective - no additional obligation.

Great, still sounds like an expensive process. How expensive is it?

Unlike consultants who get paid to deliver a plan we are RESULTANTS.  We get paid a nominal up-front fee to devise a plan and begin implementation.  The fee is based upon the degree of success.

How long have you been doing this type of work?

Preston O'Connor has specialized in problem solving for more than 20 years.  While working for Kimberly-Clark, Preston was assigned to Beech Island, South Carolina; New Milford, Connecticut; and even as far as Villey Saint Entienne, France, to improve operations and increase efficiencies.

Since 2005, The Knight Group has used their skills to help an array of companies reach new heights and overcome their challenges.

How long will it take to reach my goals?

That varies on the magnitude.  A cold is cured faster than pneumonia.  However, all solutions start the same way, with a thorough understanding of the challenges.  From there, we proceed step-by-step.  And we continue to work with you, every step of the way.

Do we need to do anything to help or do you do everything?

We almost always work in accordance with your existing teams and plans.  We don't replace your team; we'll make your team stronger.  We expect to work with you, in the trenches, to live your business experience.  We desire to help you through the short term project needs so you can remain focused on your operations.  When done right, we eliminate your distractions. 

How will we know if we can succeed?

Before we undertake any new challenge, the objectives are clearly outlined.  We, at The Knight Group, completely believe in personal responsibility.  You trust us to deliver the results; that is exactly what we are going to do.  It is our duty to achieve the objectives.  We take pride in not only meeting our goals, but exceeding your expectations.

Why would someone from the outside be better equipped to solve my challenge?

That's an excellent question. Sometimes the most difficult challenge is the one staring you directly in the face.  Not because of complexity; because of perspective and position.  Coming from the outside, provides us a unique perspective and history.  Together, you and The Knight Group are able to see "the forest" as well as "the trees."  Not to mention, making headway creates more time to concentrate on the business' future and your family's stability.

Does everyone you work with show immediate results?

Not always, some take time. But from the very start, we will begin to develop an acceptable timeline. You will never be unaware of our plans and objectives; they will be the same as yours - results that maximize the opportunity as quickly as possible.

How do I start working with The Knight Group?

Click on the link [email protected]

Send us a confidential e-mail that tells us a little bit about your challenges and vision, or give us a call at 920-968-5333.

We take it from there!