The Knight Group, Inc.
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“Their approach to business is one of sincerity and passion in supporting people in their efforts to be successful. They have the ability to understand business operations and articulate concepts and ideas that allow business owners to envision their potential growth.”                         

“Preston is one of the most creative strategic thinkers I know. His intuitive way of working enables his clients to look at their vision, their dreams for their business, with new eyes. He triggers a spark to energize his clients to grow, change or otherwise evolve their business into success. I highly recommend Preston as your change agent.”            

""PRO", short for Preston's full name, is a great fit for his expertise in business planning, implementation, and successful process reconstruction. Preston looks for no credit. He earns respect and clientele by touching people's hearts. He pieces together hopes, dreams and brings reality to being a business owner. Fulfilling their dreams to the best of their capabilities. "The Affordable Business Plan" is the next big thing to hit the entrepreneurial community, and after seeing his brochures, I can understand why they are bound to grab all the attention, while he speaks so softly."”