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The Knight Group assists those responsible for starting, growing, and improving businesses.  We provide the techniques, perspective, and effort shown to deliver practical results for organizations of all sizes and stages of development. 



STARTING A BUSINESS does not have to be a journey into the unknown.  While no one can promise the future, it is possible to reduce risk.  Following a proven path that gathers market information and allows the business to start as quickly as possible, The Knight Group has created a process that allows you to:

  • Discover and Communicate your competitive edge!
  • Develop the strategies that will bring your idea from your mind to the market!
  • Use a reliable roadmap to success using our proprietary work processes.
  • Change yourself from a budding entrepreneur to SUCCESSFUL business person!

 is without a doubt currently high on the to-do list of nearly every business leader.  How to regain, reestablish, recreate the business that used to be.  Understanding our customers, helping to identify their needs, search for others that need our help.  All part of creating demand.  Adapting our business, so that we can provide what is needed.  No mean feat.  Requires entreprenueral skills and at times a willingness to go where others fear to tread.  The Knight Group has been there before.  We have the experience and techniques needed to help bridge the gaps. 
  • Business Planning 
  • Customer Evaluation
  • Demand Development
  • Product Design

as a leader, we quickly understand that there will always be room for improvement.  The leadership challenge is to determine what improvements are needed now and focus organizational attention on those critical areas.  Needing to identify where the organization can become more efficient, retain more earnings, or become more cost-competitive?  The Knight Group uses tools and techniques that drive big picture vision and deliver practical executable action plans.


  • SWOT Analysis
  • Organisational Needs/Skills Assessments 
  • "Lean/Green" Process Design for workflows and floorplan
  • "WOW" - Work Optimization Workshops
  • Full Service Project Management

More than consultants, we're resultants. 
More than writing reports, we deliver results! 
  Business People with excellent technical skills solving a range of business challenges.  We're eager to help you achieve the success you have earned!

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