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The Knight Group helps businesses on their quest for success

 “We’re not consultants, we’re resultants.”  The words of The Knight Group President Preston O’Connor form the foundation of this extraordinary advisory group’s philosophy.  Focused not on a particular business type or sector, The Knight Group specializes in assisting businesses of all sizes and stages of development to increase efficiency, expedite expansion, and maximize profits. 

The Knight Group provides guidance for entrepreneurs to help reduce the time and money needed to transform their business from a concept to a corporation.  With you every step of the way, The Knight Group will help you create and develop an affordable business plan designed to reduce your risk, and shorten your path to success. 

The Knight Group’s unique combination of technical training and business know-how creates an unusual perspective on the challenges faced by established businesses.  Innovative application of

process improvement concepts allows The Knight Group to help businesses streamline the most complex processes to reduce time, improve results, and increase profits. 

Since 2005, The Knight Group’s unparalleled team of technical specialists has been assisting a variety of enterprises in areas including new business launch, facility planning, price model estimation, internal operations improvement, custom product design, and business image improvement.  You focus on making your business run.  The Knight Group focuses on helping it run more efficiently and more profitably. 

“Our goal is simple,” explains O’Connor.  “We’re technical people delivering business results, helping businesses unlock their potential, realize their dreams, and enjoy their success.”  To learn more about The Knight Group, call 920-968-5333, or visit 

The Knight Group

HOV Chamber PR/Introduction

December 15, 2009

More than your typical consultant’s opinions and reports, The Knight Group delivers insight and results.   Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an owner, The Knight Group can help you establish, improve, or optimize your business.  This unique team of professionals combines extensive technical expertise with real-world business experience to provide a unique perspective on project management that helps you reduce time and costs while increasing sales and profits.  When compared to traditional business consulting firms, Preston O’Connor, President of The Knight Group replies, “We’re not consultants, we’re resultants!”  To learn more about how the Knight Group can help you unlock the potential of your business, contact Preston at 920-968-5333, or visit

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